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A living buffet:
It has always one of our fantasies to eat from a living buffet with the food served on the body of a naked girl. However, in the Japanese version the food consists of raw fish, noodles and octopus. But the dessert is delicious though...
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School for sex:
There is a very special school in our village where girls can learn everything about... sex. They get taught how to please a man, how to give him a blow job and even how to fuck him. And it is not just theory, it is practice too!
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Japanese fucking contest:
Japanese game show hosts come up with the weirdest ideas to keep the interest of their audience. Today you are witness to a fucking contest for instance: Which girl gives the best blow job? And do you score more points with a bald pussy?
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Watching yourself fucking:
Home videos are getting popular in Japan too. Many couples film themselves while they are fucking in the bedroom, the bathroom or, as in this case, in the back garden. But what happens when the main actress sees herself in action on TV?
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Night nurse striptease:
Our medical staff has some unexpected talents. For instance, one of our nurses is a very good stripper too. The way she dances about on the stage really turns her audience on. So she invites the horny guys over to fuck her all in turns!
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Hot little schoolgirl:
Like all other schoolgirls in Japan Serena wakes up at sunrise and goes through her daily routine, putting on her school uniform that includes a miniskirt and knee high stockings. But then she all of a sudden gets an urgent need to masturbate...
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Horny TV show:
If you ever have come across those movie clips from strange but exciting Japanese TV-shows you might be wondering what is happening behind the scenes there. Well, we give you an exclusive view of all the horny happenings!
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Three girl sperm festival part 2:
The sperm jar is not very full yet so we have invited a whole team of guys to have their way with the three hot and willing girls who are now collecting semen on their faces. Will the jar be full at the end of this full fledged bukkake party?
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