Obedient Asians FAQ

Q: What is Obedient Asians?
A: Obedient Asians is an adult website offering REAL Japanese porn movies in full screen quality and high resolution photos.

Q: What are the specifications of the movies?
A: We provide all our movies in .wmv format and in full streaming format. The wmv's can be downloaded as splitted scenes or fullmovie and are provided in lowband, highband and fullscreen quality. The streaming movies are in fullscreen quality and because they are streaming it's easy to jump in the timeline of the movie without downloading the full movie first.

Q: Are your movies free of DRM or other technology with viewing restrictions?
A: Yes, once downloaded you can watch our movies as long as you keep them.

Q: Can I watch the movies without downloading codecs or software first?
A: Yes, we provide all our movies in wmv format. This is a format that anybody can download and watch. We offer our movies in wmv-high for broadband users and wmv-low for dial-up modems and low speed connections.

Q: What kind of Japanese porn can I find?
A: Obedient Asians offers a wide variety of niches, eg. hardcore, bukkake, groupsex, cumplay, cosplay (sex in funny costumes), snowball, masturbation, orgasms, spikey beavers (hairy pussies), Japanese girls with big nipples and much more.

Q: I have a low-band connection, can I watch the movies without waiting for days to dowload?
A: The movies are all in wmv format and offered in 3 different qualities: Fullscreen, Highband and Lowband. Also the movies are divided in clips of approximately 10 minutes each and a full screen option.

Q: Is this site for free?
A: Obedient Asians offers a freetour of 3 pages which have 3 free trailers per page to find out if you like this site or not. To get access to the total movie archive you need to join, a video website like this takes quite some effort and bandwith, so for downloading all our full adult Japanese porn movies we ask a small price in return.

Q: How do I get access to the site?
A: We have 2 options to access the full Japanese adult archive. Option 1: Become a member by creditcard, payments are monthly. Option 2: Watch anonymously by dialing a number and a code with your telephone. Have fun!!

Q: How old are the models?
A: All our models are of International Legal Age of 18 years and older at the time they were depicted or filmed.

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Q: How do I cancel?
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