Obedient Asians Tour Page 4

Multiple cumloads released:
Deep throat is an art but it can become a torture when your partner wants to find out how deep he can go before you start gagging. But things can get worse, especially when there's a whole bunch of guys waiting to repeat that experiment!
Natume Myuu - 19
Asian, Bdsm, Bizarre, Blowjobs, Bukkake, Creampie, Cum shot, Dildo, Fetish, Gangbang, Hairy, Hand jobs, Hardcore, Masturbation, Pissing and Teen
A strict and sexy adventure:
Our misstresses are dominant, strict and very sexy... You, as their slave, may touch them but only with her explicit permission. And maybe, just maybe (and when you are very lucky too!) they might give you a little satisfaction too...
Aoyama Youko - 18
Asian, Blowjobs, Cum shot, Dildo, Facial, Feet / footjob, Fetish, Hairy, Hand jobs, Hardcore, Masturbation, Panties, Teen, Threesome mmf and Toys
In the mood for creampie:
Matsumura Kasumi is in a mood... in a HOT mood! Even in the kitchen she can't keep her hands from her cunt. Will she be able to seduce her boyfriend though?
Matsumura Kasumi - 19
Asian, Blowjobs, Creampie, Cum shot, Facial, Hairy, Hardcore, Masturbation, Teen and Toys
Bukkake on stage:
Prepare yourself for a very special performance today because Wakaba Yashimino does not limit her performance to a striptease and masturbating: No, she gets fucked by her audience too who leave her face covered in cream!
Wakabaya Shiminio - 19
Asian, Blowjobs, Brunettes, Hairy, Hardcore and Teen
Triple sex test:
Again we have found ourselves a new Asian beauty to try out in our studios. Haruka Kaede her name is - and you won't forget it very soon either! We warmed her up a little with our machinery and then checked how many men she could handle...
Haruka Kaeda - 18
Asian, Blowjobs, Brunettes, Hairy, Hardcore, Teen and Threesome mmf
Hot teen in a bukkake party:
You might get the impression we have been filming Runa Sezaki in reversed order with her fucking a guy first and then hitting the vibrators. But don’t worry, she needed those to get a little warmed up for a fuck with two guys!
Runa Sezaki - 19
Asian, Blowjobs, Hairy, Hardcore, Teen and Toys
An overflowing cunt:
Some girls need more warming up than others and Haruka Kaeda certainly fits this category. We needed half of our supply of vibrators to get her in the right mood. But it was worth the wait though: Once she got fucking her juice ran down her bottom!
Haruka Kaeda - 18
Asian, Blowjobs, Brunettes, Creampie, Hairy, Hardcore, Rimjob, Teen and Toys
A very eager girl!:
Most of the girls who arrive at our studio go for an interesting interview, a slow striptease and then maybe some action. Not this time however: This girl was in such a hurry that she was in the middle of a good jerk off within minutes!
Rika Hayama - 18
Asian, Blowjobs, Brunettes, Cum shot, Hardcore, Shaved, Teen, Threesome mmf and Toys

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