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Hello, my name is Oshin and I am a teen girl from Tokyo in Japan. From the outside I look like an ordinary innocent Japanese teen, but there is also a naughty side to me. And if you like you could get to know me and my Japanese girlfriends on our sexy adventures ;) So come play with us, please, please, PLEASE! XOXOXO, Oshin.

Fujii Aya

(20 years old)

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Fujii Aya
Our maid is a pretty horny girl who has trouble sometimes
controlling her sexual needs. Heel, even a chair works as a
partner for her! One of our visitors can play the oddest games
with her cunt and when she comes home she still has enough energy
for a blow job!

Hirakawa Koyuki

(18 years old)

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Hirakawa Koyuki
When a new female classmate arrives all the other pupils are very
curious about her - especially because they are all guys
themselves! Soon enough their attention is distracted from their
lesson... but will one single girl be able to handle all those

Tsukamoto Yuuki

(19 years old)

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Tsukamoto Yuuki
Some of our girls seemed to have stepped straight out of a fairy
tale. Tsukamoto Yuuki for instance looks like a little princess
in her pink and white dress. But do not be fooled: This little
princess behaves like a real slut!












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