If the error message, you are receiving is "You must enter a correct username and password", that means that the combination of Username and Password you have entered is not matching the one, that appears in our database.

If for some reasons, you are still unable to login, the reason may be also different, which is sometimes also our system fault (Well, nobody is perfect). In this case please mail us [email protected] specifying the exact error message and we will take care of the problem shortly.

If you are experiencing a difficulty in accessing our sites and the error message you are receiving is "Sorry, but you must have cookies enabled to login!", please follow the instruction below, to have your browser configured correctly.

1) Be sure you don't block cookies in your firewall (Zone-Alarm, Nortan, MacAfee sometimes have cookies security set to HIGH, that WILL block all cookies)

2) In a main browser window please click on "TOOLS" in the menu bar and and select "Internet Options" as it is shown on the screenshot below:

3) In the window, that would appear, please select a tab, labeled "Privacy":

4) Please make sure, that the privacy level is set to "Medium" or lower.Then click on the button "Advanced". The following window will open:

5) Please make sure, that "Override automatic cookie handling" checkbox is NOT checked, exactly as it appears above.
If it is checked, please uncheck it and click "OK".

6) Then click on the "Edit" button of the previous window, which is located in the "Web Sites" section:

Normally this page may be empty, however to ensure, that no external settings would override the cookie handling, you may add our sites to the list so it would accept cookies explicitly. The domain, that must be ad is:


you just place this domain in the "Address of Web site field" and click on the "Allow" button.
Click "OK" to confirm the configuration and also click "OK" on the rest of the windows until you return to the main browser window. Close all the browser windows, that you have opened and reopen Internet Explorer again.
Type in the location bar: www.obedientasians.com click on the "Members" button and enter your details including the AccessKey exactly as it appears in the grid. Please note, AccessKey is different on each of your login attempts, so if you for any reason fail to enter all the details (Username, Password and AccessKey) correctly, the new AccessKey would be generated.

If despite following the instructions on this page you are still denied access with an error message, please contact us at [email protected] and we will test your access difficulty individually.

7) Be sure that the date and time of your pc or provider's (proxy)-server is correct.

In order to be able to offer you an effective support, while sending us mail, we would appreciate, if you could include the following information in your message in case, this information is available of course:
1) Your username
2) An email address, that you have filled into the form while subscribing
3) The last 6 digits of your credit card?
4) Your Operating System and Web Browser version
5) The EXACT text of the error messages, that you are receiving.